About Mistress Megan


Hello Slave and Welcome to my site.
I want you to come closer and take a look into My world. Watch me Rule with my commanding feet....but it doesn't stop there. I'm a humiliatrix who enforces foot worship, body worship, shoe worship....must I go on?
I always get what I want from anyone who dares to cross me and I take no pity on any slave who dares to test me. I've been practicing martial arts for as long as I can remember so I love when someone thinks they can try me based on my size. I might be a tiny thing but you know big things always come in small packages! So watch me own & destroy all slaves & opponents with my lethal karate kicks, ball busting, foot smothering & wrestling moves that will have you gasping for more. And don't forget my private Diary, only members of MeganDom.com get to enjoy my stories of domination & humiliation!
So obey my commands & check out my site! I hope you enjoy every smirk on my face, every death look, every smile I shoot you, cuz I KNOW you're going to like what you see.


"What are you waiting for? I'm at your fingertips....Do as I say...JOIN NOW!"


Your Mistress,